Contacts and Links

Other resources for learning more about Cortland's history -- and to join the search for data on this cemetery! If you know something about this cemetery -- or discovery anything new or interesting about it -- please do let me know via email:
   > Town of Cortlandville website
   > Town of Cortlandville, Town Historian, Jeff Guido
   > Cortland County Clerk's Office (search recent &
      historical documents recorded by the clerk's office)
   > "A Geographical History of New York" (Joseph H.
      Mather & Linus Pierpont Brockett -- 1848, H.H.
      Hawley & Company)
   > "Gazeteer of the State of New York" (J.H. French --
      1860, R. Pearsall Smith)

Other resources of interest to old-cemetery enthusiasts:
   > NYS Department of State / Division of Cemeteries
   > The Tombstone Transcription Project
   > Essay on natural aspects of cemeteries, including
      Garden Cemetery movement (by John Hoeschele)
   > A very comprehensive hub for cemetery-related links
   > Graveyard symbolism (site established by cemetery
      enthusiast/expert Beth Santore)
   > LocateGrave search engine
   > NYS Historical Association Research Library
   > A Guide to New York Historical Resources
   > The Graveyard Rabbit of NY Rural Cemeteries
   > A helpful resource on the history of New York
      City (
      features information on the city's history, early
      settlement, Ellis Island, and modern day info.
> History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy (site suggested by
   aspiring history student, "Riley," a member of Emma
   Parnell's homeschool group.)

> The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Genealogy 
> Top 100 Genealogy Sites 
> Resources for Military Families
> How to Travel to Find Your Roots
> Genealogy and the Law
> Billiongraves
> A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Family Tree Online
> Military Indexes

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